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  Gabriel Feuerstein-Mendik
I'm Walking to support Common Cents because I am a Supporter of Common Cents

My school has participated in the Penny Harvest for many years.  I have had the honor of being on three Philanthropy Roundtables and of carefully selecting deserving charities to receive over $2500.  A year and a half ago, we had our annual Coin Sort (we take all coins.)  Common Cents had sent over two of their Fellows to observe. Since I was the student in charge at that event, I gave them a tour of our school, showed them our community service bulletin boards, and described our many community service projects. They suggested that I might want to meet Teddy, the CEO of Common Cents. Teddy asked if I was interested in helping out.  I was very interested!  So, I became the "intern to the intern," (aka the "grandintern"), and I began working for them.   At the Global Relief Conference following the Run for Change last Spring, I was the kid M.C.  My job was to introduce each speaker and to be the person on the stage representing the kids that Common Cents is all about.  It was so exciting to be speaking to hundreds of kids and adults and to be representing this organization that I feel so strongly about.  I support Common Cents because their mission is to teach children to help others and to help them learn how to do it themselves.  From generation to generation.  Please sponsor me in supporting Common Cents. 

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Theodore Gross
Laurie Mendik We're so proud of you!
Love, Mom, Dad, and Marty
Susan Mendik Great cause! Proud of you! Have a good run!
Love- Grandma Suz
Julie & Todd Mendik Wishing you all the best. XO Uncle Todd, Aunt Julie & Mary Ashley
Michael Braverman Way to go Gabriel!!! Great cause and very inspiring motivation. Love, the Bravermans

Elaine Witkoff Dear Gabriel, we are so proud of you for striving to make this world a better place.  Best of luck as you "run for change."  Love Elaine, Robert and HOlden
Leora Tanenbaum Dear Gabriel,
We are delighted to support you in this fantastic cause.  Thank you for running!
Leora, Jonathan, Sasson, & Zev
Sara Shapiro-Plevan Gabriel, you are "zariz lamitzvah"--enthusiastically running in pursuit of a mitzvah! So very proud of you! Sara Shapiro-Plevan
alexandra trinkoff Way to go Gabriel - run, run, run!!
love alex, jeff, kyra, ben, zach & dylan
wendy cohen dear gabriel--always know that you can count on us to help you in all that you do.  proud to know you.
wendy,eric,matthew and ariel
howard getz
Esther Glat We're so proud of you and your good work!
Love, Esther & Mark
Tracy Elstein Dear Gabriel, We are thrilled to support your efforts on behalf of this great organization!  All the best, Tracy, David, Jason and Ben Togut
Norbert and Dail Fruehauf & Stolow Glad you are running for a good cause - a good deed for the benefit for many.

Dail Stolow and Norbert Fruehauf
Lois Baskin Gabriel - congrats to you on your incredible efforts in making a difference.  You are an inspiration to us all.  Lois, Bill, Sam & Hannah
Lisandra Lopez Gabriel you have what it takes good luck.
Kevin Mendik Thanks Gabriel.