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  Addie Belcher
I'm Running to support Common Cents because I am a Penny Harvester

One day last year, my teacher said to me, "I need to talk to you before recess."  I was thinking, "Oh no, what did I do?"  But she said to me, "How would you feel about being on the Roundtable?"  I said, "I would like that very much!"  The Roundtable is a group of kids.  Each kid represents their class.  We talked about where we are going to give the pennies.  One year a different group donated the pennies to the Bronx Zoo.  One group donated to the Million Trees Project.  Our group visited the Four Star Soup Kitchen and learned that they needed new forks and spoons.  We also tasted vegetable soup that was really really good, and healthy!

It's important for kids to learn about natural causes and causes that need help.  By collecting pennies, we learn that kids can make a difference even though they're young.  Even though I moved to Oregon, I'm still helping the Run for Change.  (But I'm not running to New York, cause that's not a 5K!)  At my new school I am going to try and get the Penny Harvest started, and maybe a Roundtable next year.

Please sponsor me so I can reach my goal and help Common Cents help the world!

Thank you for reading.

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kelly hale Thanks for making a difference Ms. Addie!
Love, Kelly--
kelly hale
Graham Possick Good Work Cousin Addie! love, Graham
John Hicks Good Luck Addie girl. Grandma Judy and I are proud to support  you.
sara Griggers Go Addie Go...We're soooo proud of you!!
Barbara Jones Sorry I won't be there to cheer you on!  Go, Addie, Go!  Love from Grammy
Stephanie Kilkenny Way to go, Addie! As promised, here is my matching gift. Uncle Moose and I are so proud of you! See you later today after your run. XO
Robin Hicks Addie, I am SO proud of you! Keep up this fantastic work! Love you very much and hope to see you sometime soon!
xoxoxo, Cousin Robin :)
Chris & Marejka Esparza Go Addie!  Your commitment to change is an inspiration for us all... thank you!
Kerry marsh Addie - you are an amazing young lady!  Go get em little tiger!
Lisa Hicks The Menas would like you to run so that we can see you! We hope you are as proud of yourself as we are of you! Love to you from LOCM. 
Kristen Godfrey
Martha Buttenheim Girls like you give me confidence that the future is in excellent hands. Bravo!!! Love from Martha
Debbie Brumell Wishing you well in your efforts, Addie!  You must be so proud of your accomplishments!
Carroll Possick   Good for you, Addie!  Your whole big extended family is proud of you.  Love, Great Aunt Carroll & Uncle Stan
Peter Buttenheim Addie,

So, when did you all move to Oregon? Nobody tells me anything! Hooray for you to take your good work along the Hudson River and transfer it to the West Coast. Now that I am retired, I work with the hungry in Delaware, and you cannot support a better cause than feeding those in need. Bless you for all

you are doing to make the world a better place.

Three cheers,

Peter Buttenheim 

Mary T Nealon You inspire and amaze me, Addie, and you are only how old?  You are definitely your mama's girl:))
Patty Buttenheim Way to go, Addie! Very proud of you. Love, Patty
Chris' Mom If my son says you're awesome....YOU MUST BE. Good job on running for a good cause. Now go have some fun.
Gary Augustine Go Addie, go!
Jeff Denning Way to go Addie!  Love, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Beana
Kate McGloughlin
Kerri Muzuruk