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  Teddy Gross
I'm Running to support Common Cents because I am a Supporter of Common Cents

There is an inner struggle we all must fight: between the love we want to give, and the power we want to take.

When I became a father, I realized it was my duty to resolve the struggle in favor of love. 

That's when I started down this path.  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that it has led me to the run for change. 

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Ruth Nass this is the easy part, l, r
Michael Miller
David Glennon
Suzanne Aisenberg
Samuel Gross Yeah Teddy!
Elisheva Gross Go Teddy Go!!

(or else into the stew pot you go!)
Suzanne G. Davis Teddy you are a poet, a visionary, and an alchemist:  you've turned words, a beautiful idea, and the lowliest of coins into poetry, social action and inspiring education  -- and gold!

Whether you walk or run, you'll always be the Leader of the Pack!
ruth 7a good luck teddy.  yes, i certainly know Rita from forever.
Judith Shapiro Run for our great kids.  Run to help our schools get better.  Run for fun.
john mascotte
soma behr