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  Rosemarie Mohammed
I'm Running to support Common Cents because I am a Supporter of Common Cents

I am participating in the 2012 Penny Harvest Run for Change to raise money for a very important cause; supporting children in education and their philanthropic efforts. Please take this opportunity to make a difference, create change, and gain recognition all in support of our children and their communities.

I am happy to be given this opportunity to raise funds for Common Cents for the last 3 years. Please support my endeavors to raise awareness for our children in leadership, philanthropy, and in making a difference by improving their lives one child at a time.

Many thanks,

Rosemarie Mohammed

Donor ListComments
Jonathan Dorfman
Rachel Deming way to go Rose!
Jeff Traum
Spyro Stathonikos
Lisa Anderson
Allison Zaccherio
JoAnn Grippo This is a wonderful and selfless thing you are doing for this great cause. 
James OBrien
howard hoffen Hope it went well!
Maria Kling
Loretta Abate Go Rose !!!!!!
Manu Rana Rose:  great work!  Manu.
David Abrams YOU GO GIRL
Best Wishes
Elizabeth Hill Go Rose!!
Daniel Slotkin Ottimo lavoro!  Siamo fieri di lei!
Ted Kanarek Good luck !.. A great cause
Paul Curmi Good Luck Rose!
ramakrishna putcha
Monel Amin
Fred Hoffman
Sapna Vir Best of luck Rose!
Rebekah Weissburg Good luck, Rosemarie! Truly a worthy cause.
Kevin Bespolka
Edward Sun Go Rose!
Joseph Sullivan
Ramesh Gupta
Nerisha Andujar Best of Luck!
Orcun Unlu Go Rose!
Senthil Kumar Good luck, Rose! Truly a worthy cause. It good to see you constantly pitching in for these nobel causes.
Daniel Rodrigues
Tom Roche Well done! Have a great time!
Ernesto Martinez Sorry it took me so long, I thought I had done it already :-). Have a great walk!!
James Duplessie Very happy to sponsor your charity work.
Steven McArdle Very admirable.
Manion Peter "We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by."
- Will Rogers
James Manfre
mukesh patel
Serhan Secmen Rose - thanks for doing this! Very important cause...
herbert seif not toooooooooo fast
Genevieve Kinney
Michael Micko Go Rose - kick some bottom!
Sean Reilly
mike wiliams
Sandra Kim-Suk Good luck Rosemarie!
Taylor Raftree
William Comfort
Donald Leitch Best of luck