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  Ashley Grimes
I'm Running to support Common Cents because I am a Supporter of Common Cents

Thank you for visiting my page!

I am participating in the Penny Harvest 2012 Penny Harvest Run for Change! to raise money for one of the most important causes – supporting children so they can have the kind of future that you and I have been given.

I need your help! Why? Close your eyes and remember yourself at 10 years old. Can you recall a moment when you were given an opportunity to make a difference, create change, have a voice, help another, gain recognition and feel empowered? If so, please give to my fundraising mission to support that same experience for other kids. If you didn't have that experience, you can give that dream to someone now and help prevent them from dropping out of school and teaching them the collective power of youth leadership and philanthropy.

I am happy to be given the opportunity to raise funds for Common Cents – I can’t think of a better organization or a more worthy cause. Please make a donation and support me in this effort.

Thank you so much!