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  Jose Vilson
I'm Marching to support My School because I am a Penny Harvest Coach

Thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Jose Luis Vilson and I've been a Penny Harvest Coach for 5 years! I need your help to continue the work that my students and I do with Penny Harvest. Invest in student leadership & potential! 

Donor ListComments
Jose Vilson These are the collected funds from students thus far.
Dan Willingham
Cristina Uribe Glad to support an educator who speaks truth to power.  Keep on keeping on.
Circe Dunnell You are an inspiration!
Lexi Mitchell
Ken Libby
Jennifer Dixey Good for you, Jose! Enjoy!
Robert Pondiscio Thanks for doing this, Jose. 
Chris Lehmann Good luck!
Katrina Barnes
Rosalind Johnson Run, Jose, Run!